About Us

Our Mission

Allow everyone to learn digital marketing and apply it in their career or business.


Subscription-base platform providing up to date education in digital marketing and online business.

For whom?

Entrepreneurs, start ups (SMBs) and everyone starting their career in digital marketing. 


There is a lack of understanding about digital marketing. That leads to entrepreneurs, SMBs but also big corporation losing money on ineffective advertising. At the same time, digital is one of the most promising career options in MENA. 

We are here to make sure businesses use the most effective marketing tactics and do not become victims of unfair practices that we can see today. Our trainers have decades of experience in Marketing field and teaching individuals about Business and Marketing topics. That’s why we are also welcoming not only companies but individuals as well, to help them focus their career in digital marketin as it is one of the most promising career fields in MENA.

Marketing, if used correctly, has a huge potential to be the biggest profit bringer for the company. In digital world, things change really quickly and new content is created every minute. That is extremely overwhelming for a person who wants to start with digital or on the other hand for a professional who wants to get high added value information.

We are strongly focusing on making users progress. We want to see people implementing what they learned the very same day. We want them to get an amazing results. We want to see our students get a new job or promotion. We want to see our entrepreneurs succeed.  Teaching them how to do digital marketing in the righ way is our small contribution to the success of every signle user of our platform.

Our Team

Lukas Krejca

Lukas Krejca

CEO & Co-Founder
Osama Romoh

Osama Romoh

Irma Husic

Irma Husic

Marketing Specialist